Landmark medical marijuana bill introduced in US Congress


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Washington (AFP) – US senators on Tuesday introduced the most comprehensive legislation on medical marijuana ever brought before Congress, a bipartisan effort aimed at ending federal restrictions on the increasingly accepted treatment.

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Supreme Court of Canada strikes down ban on doctor-assisted suicide

National Post

In a unanimous decision, The Supreme Court Friday struck down as unconstitutional the nation’s contentious century-old law against assisted suicide.

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Most of the undergraduates Courtney Campbell teaches at Oregon State University have literally grown up with a law that lets doctors help the terminally ill kill themselves. And, he says, they don’t really understand the fuss around it.

“They wonder what’s wrong with all the other states in the United States … that don’t have something like this,” said the medical ethics expert. “It’s just become part of the landscape here. “

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The historic ruling opens the door to physician-assisted suicide for consenting, severely ill adults who want to control the method, timing and circumstances of their death.

In the landmark 9-0 decision, the high court ruled that the Criminal…

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My First Post

Hello WordPress.

My Name is Shane Doyle and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I have decided to start a blog publicly to dump my thoughts and opinions on subjects that are close to me at this stage of my life and to share posts that are relevant to the subjects. I feel that expressing my thoughts will be cathartic and this is away to voice my opinion.

My thoughts and opinions are my own and I am not really concerned about any followers that this point. If I do get some followers they need to understand these are my opinions and if they don’t what I have to say,  then the should un-follow me.

I will be blogging about the following to start:

  • Translate job sites like Muse and Vox with Canadian Stats. Eg: fastest growing jobs in Canada.
  • The stigma and misunderstanding of depression and grief in the workplace.
  • Alzheimer’s Treatment, Stigma and research
  • Marijuana:  Treatment, Stigma and research
  • Assisted suicide

I hope to educate and notify people about the research and options avialable and for people to use their options (voting)wisely.